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You are going to download RSDMods APK for PUBG mobile to have magical hacks on gameplay. So you can use its premium features to play your game on the go.

Right now, you knocked on our door searching for a PUBG hack and we welcome you in. In fact, we were waiting for you as we have found an all-star hack and we can not wait to share, Rsdmods.

With over 85 million daily players and 65 million copies sold, PUBG is no doubt the best selling game. The kids and youngsters are going crazy for this survival shooting game. The winner gets a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner and every player is putting their best foot forward to win before his friends.

The popularity graph of PUBG witnesses a surge every day, seeing how maniac gamers are about this game, hackers are coming forward with many hacks and tricks to exploit the game features. However, we do not support hacking and cracking but we like to keep you updated about what new hack is trending and what it entails.

What is Rsdmods?

Rsdmods is probably one of the deadliest hacks available online. Rsdmods gives the user some much-needed rest by taking charge of the controls. The list is quite long if we talk about the features of this hack.

Using hacks, cheats, and tricks is risky, a user might get arrested and sentenced to a permanent ban. No players would like that but developers of this game claim this hack to be anti-ban or anti-detect.

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Rsdmods- Features

When we first heard about the hack, we were not sure if it could live up to the hype when given a chance. As we dig deeper and looked into the features and user reviews, we were convinced why this hack was currently in.

Enough of the chit chat, we know you are anxiously waiting to know more. So here are the top features of this best ESP PubG hack.

  • No recoil 100%
  • Less recoil
  • No shake body
  • No shake Scope
  • No grass
  • No rain
  • No fog/smoke
  • Small cross-hair seek bar
  • Speed Fire
  • Flash Speed
  • Distance Scope
  • Black Sky
  • Speed after knockout
  • Pron Speed
  • Gaint body
  • Anti-ban
  • Night Mode

You will get to explore some of the other exciting features that are not listed here once the hack is downloaded.

How to Download Rsdmods APK?

  • You might be thinking that a hack this lethal may be difficult to download. A user does not have to be an IT expert to download this hack, it is easy-peasy.
  • If you have downloaded third-party apps before, you might be familiar with the process. Even if haven’t downloaded a hack or mod version of some apps, fret not, there is a first time for everything. Take our hand and let’s get it over with.
  • Download the APK file of Rsdmods, uninstall if there is any pre-installed version. Download the moded version via a third-party website link.
  • Head over to the menu, tap Settings, navigate to the Security Settings and allow Unknown Sources, this is an obligatory step to install third-party apps.
  • Go to the File Manager or search the ‘download’ section of the browser, locate the downloaded file and tap it.
  • Click the install buttons and say yes to all the required permissions.
  • Wait a few seconds for the installation to complete. If some error occurs, repeat the process.
  • Start hacking.

Rsdmods – Password Key

You will have to enter a password key to get access to the features. The password key is ‘drum roll, please’.


Enter the key and play the game as you have never played before.

Putting it all together, hacks and cheats are becoming an indispensable part of PUBG. Rsdmods got all that a player dreams of in a hack. Many players have won the Chicken Dinner using these hacks, try it if you want. Good Luck.

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