Hack Microphone with Hidden Surround Recorder

There are many people who want to monitor others due to some reasons. They have doubts about their activities so they just want to clear the matter and find the truth. But not many apps are offering this feature that you can listen to the surrounding of someone by hacking their microphone. Today, we are going to tell you how you can this with bug their mic feature.

Why You Should Hack Microphone of Someone’s Phone?

Nowadays, there are suspicious people and their activities are a great concern for the relevant people. Parents want to monitor their kids and their activities because they know they are hiding something from them. Teens and children have smartphones and tablets. They use these devices for internet and social media as well as for dating websites. When they use dating sites, they build relationships with the strangers. Many teens have died after they started sexting and the predators later on killed them after using teens.

Similarly, a partner has doubts about the activities of their wife or husband. They know they are cheating on them but they have no way to find this out and provide their partner with proofs. All such people are looking for options in order to listen to the surrounding of their partners and know who they are with, who they are talking and what kind of discussion is going on. This feature will help out a lot of partners who are on the verge of breakups or divorce. They may find the truth and change their decisions and live a better and peaceful life.

Many employers have concern about what their staff and employees do at the workplace. All bosses have concerns and want to keep a check on the activities of their staff in order to make sure they are not doing anything wrong. Business owners think they provide the staff with every facility, computers, best tech devices, internet connections and a comfortable working environment with good salaries and still many workers steal company data.

They even share the details with others through calls, text messages or emails. Whenever an employer doubts and think a staff member is out and might be with someone who can be dangerous for the business, they can listen to their surroundings.

How to listen what is going is in Someone’s Surrounding?

When you want to record or listen to the surrounding of someone, you will have to hack their mic and bug it in order to get all the sounds and voices on your device. BlurSPY android spy software is an app that can help you in this regard to bug mic on android phones and listen to their surroundings. The app also offers many other features you should try if you want to monitor someone.

Turn On Microphone to Listen to the Surrounding

In order to use this bug their mic feature on someone’s device, you will install BlurSPY on both devices, the target phone and the one from which you will hack their phone. Install the app and it will work in background without letting the target person know about it.

Once the app has been installed, you will have to go to the features and check the Surround recorder feature. This is the feature that is going to record surrounding of someone’s device. The feature can record all the ambient voices in the surrounding of the target phone and the details will be uploaded in the dashboard. Even you can listen to the voice live.

Like, you know the target person is with someone and talking so you can activate the feature to listen to what they are talking to each other. Turn on the app once you are sure to capture the surrounding voice and the app will start recording it. The files and data will be saved that you can access anytime to listen and for proofs.


This feature can save lives, relationships and prevent huge losses in the companies caused by workers. Parents can capture their teens to show them who they were talking to and prevent them from such people, if they believe they are dangerous for their kids. A partner can listen to the surrounding of their spouse and decide about their future.


Mia Sophia is a Writer and Marketing Expert. Mostly she writes about spy app reviews, kid’s security protection, and some digital mom’s related stuff about the dangers our children face every day on the internet.

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