Droidsqli APK Latest version v1.0 Free Download

DroidSQLI: As the name implies that this app is going to you allow the SQLI injection on any web page or URL. This will help you to give a tiny chance of making the downtime for target sites. In other words, you can say you will approximately try to hack any website have very lower security. The app basically works on the websites not secured and those have weak database management. You must have technical skills and have a lot of information about SQL inject attacks.

What is DroidSQLI or it’s used for hacking?

Here is the question is that why we are searching for an app that usually performs hacking or relevant to this. Many people think that would not fine to even promote on the internet.  If you think so then let me clear this.

According to the developers (Edgard Chammas) of Droidsqli, with the help of this application, you can check the security level of your personal website. So you can check any of the URLs, a website, a blog, or a single web page to check either it is safe or not. If you have low-security protocols on your concern aspects, so make URLs that you have for the highest security.

It will let you know that your site has strong database privacy or not. If your site not fulfills then you should be in trouble in near days. Someone may try to harm your site and steal your important or personal data without your knowledge.

To avoid such strategies and currently control and elaborate your privacy protection. So if you are really interested to perform such an activity using this. Then you go for the Droidsqli APK file for your Android and just start doing the SQL inject. Before installing this on your phone, make sure to check unknown source button on your device. This will make the application to install perfectly and you will begin the startup.

How the app works:

First of all, you have to find the URL or a web page you want to target. Download Droidsqli APK from the download link we manage on this page. Find the weakness of that URL you put on the app and click on inject.

Points to keep on mind:

Here er are going to make announce, that the app is not developed to harm anyone. The illegal use of this app will lead you to the dead end. So, always kept I mind to use Droidsqli and similar software for educational purposes only.

We are not responsible for any bad results on behalf of this and other similar apps from our website. This list is including as Zanti, Androdumper, WPS WPA Tester, and reaver RFA ETC.